The loss of a loved one is
never easy…

A funeral is a pivotal step in the process of acceptance of the loss of a loved one, and a chance to say a final goodbye. It is a difficult time for many, which is only amplified when that chance is no longer.

Grieving during the Pandemic is designed to help people cope with loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. From simple advice for handling grief through to suggestions on how to memorialise a person during isolation, it has been created to help navigate grief during a pandemic.

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“While the restrictions on funerals are for the greater good, not attending a funeral can affect how personal and family units process their grief”

Caring guidance and genuine advice...

The advent of COVID-19 has not only resulted in a health pandemic but a grief pandemic as communities are forced to significantly alter the way they live.

Sydney’s leading independent group of family-owned funeral operators have worked with a global leader in grief counselling, Dr Alan Wolfelt, to provide practical tips for how people can manage new anxieties and better cope with loss.

The eGuide Grieving during the Pandemic includes these important topics:

Processing grief

A tool for how to process any type of grief arising as a result of the pandemic.

Coping with the pandemic

Tips for self-care during COVID-19 to ensure you manage emotional, social and spiritual health.

Guidance for grieving loss

Suggestions for how to process the loss of a family member and eventually heal during and after the pandemic.

Dr Alan Wolfelt

Dr Alan Wolfelt is recognized as one of North America’s leading death educators, authors and grief counsellors. His compassionate messages about healing in grief based on his own personal losses as well as his professional experience supporting children, teens, adults, and families over the last three decades.

He is Founder and Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Colorado, and each year presents numerous educational workshops around the world and while contributing regularly to several journals. 

Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Center for Loss and Life Transition

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